Real Estate Closings

Since the inception of the firm, Coats & Cordle, Attorneys at Law, Inc. has provided clients with consistent, professional, efficient, friendly and convenient closing services. Whether it is the purchase or refinance of a personal residence, an investment property or simply the acquisition of raw land, we strive to exceed the expectations of not just our clients but all of those involved in the transaction. We are experienced at and approved to do all types of institutional lending transactions as well as other creative types of financing. Whether you are a Lender, Borrower, Seller, Agent or Loan Officer, we will treat you with the attention and respect that you deserve. Having closed thousands of transactions, we understand that the purchase of a home is a major event in one's life and we treat each transaction accordingly.

Other Real Estate Matters

Coats & Cordle, Attorneys at Law, Inc. also provides legal services covering almost all other aspects of real estate law. We routinely draft personalized purchase, sale and construction contracts, residential and commercial leases, liens and waivers, as well as an array of special contracts memorializing various agreements. We also provide foreclosure and eviction services when needed and have successfully negotiated tax appeal matters. Whatever the issue may be, we will approach it in a professional, cost effective, timely manner while always keeping in mind the big picture of efficiently solving or preventing a problem.

Estates, Wills and Probate

Coats & Cordle, Attorneys at Law, Inc. has drafted hundreds of wills since its inception. We also review old wills and assist in updating them (if necessary). Whether we are drafting a will, a living will, a durable healthcare power of attorney or a general business power of attorney, we pride ourselves in taking a simple, dignified approach to the choices one makes regarding their healthcare, the disposition of their belongings and the careful planning involved in protecting those choices. In the event of a death, we can assist in probating a will or administering an estate without adding to the already stressful occasion.

Financial Solutions and Bankruptcy

The circumstances that cause people to consider a short sale, a deed in lieu of foreclosure or bankruptcy are never simple or pleasant. In today's struggling economy, many people are doing great just to break even each month. It certainly does not take much to trigger a downward financial spiral that seems impossible to recover from, and often, the circumstances that cause this downward spiral are beyond their control.

Here at Coats & Cordle, we realize that you are going through hard times and we will do the best that we can to help you find a dignified solution to your situation. We will consult with you, analyze your situation, inform you of the law and advise you accordingly. There is often a way out of certain circumstances without filing bankruptcy and if there is for you, we will work with you to come up with that solution. If bankruptcy turns out to be the most logical and beneficial solution to your circumstance, we will inform you of your choices in that field with dignity and grace as well.